Saylee's International Cuisine
The taste of international with Saylee's International Cuisine
​​The international taste with Saylee's International Cuisine
  1. Hawaiian Chicken Bites
    Chicken with pineapple slices, parsley leaves, and Hawaiian BBQ sauce.
  2. Wild, Wild West of America
    Buffalo wings with celery and ranch dressing on the side.
  3. Over the Ranch
    Ranch wings with celery and side of ranch dressing.
  4. Marinara Meatball
    Meatball with marinara and three cheeses: provolone, cheddar and mozzarella
  1. Italy Speziato Pasta Cuisine
    Baked ziti cooked with lean ground beef. Baked with mozzarella and provolone cheese with a side of saute eggplants
  2. Tropical Fantasy
    Brown Stew chicken serve with white rice or rice and peas with a side of fried yellow or green plantains and cabbage.
  3. Caribbean Paradise
    Curry Chicken with rice and peas with sides of cabbage and broccoli.
  4. Plava Ihendori
    Plava Sauce cooked with your choice of chicken or fish, African dried fish, and side of white rice.
  5. Nduku Epuputa
    Potato leave cooked with your choice of chicken, fish or beef, and African dried fish. Serve with sides of white rice and sauted bell peppers.
  1. Tropical Diverse Fruits
    Fruit Salad (apples, melons, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, sliced mangos and kiwi.
  2. Sweet Motherland
    Banana rice bread baked cream of rice, raisins and bananas.
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